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Happy Hour

Happy Hour Menu

Happy Hour is Served 3pm – 5pm; Tuesday – Saturday

Our menus are seasonal and continually evolving. Below is a sample of a recent menu.

Pintxo Party / Happy Hour

Enjoy a selection of our favorite Hot & Cold Tapas for the happiest of hours!

Pintxo Party Pick 2

Choice of 2 tapas listed below (hot or cold) and 1 glass of house wine

Pintxo Party Pick 3

Choice of 3 tapas listed below (hot or cold) and 1 bottle of house wine

Hot Tapas / Hot Small Plates

Hot tapas ready for happy hour, made with care by our experienced and friendly staff.

Patatas Bravas

Crispy fried potatoes, Bravas sauce, garlic aioli, Pimenton de la Vera.

Tortilla Espanola

Traditional Spanish potato and onion omelet, garlic aioli, chives.

Albondiga Bocadillo

Beef and pork meatball, toasted cristal bread, garlic aioli, piparra relish

Harissa Chicken Bocadillo

Fried chicken thigh, harissa-sorghum glaze, toasted cristal bread, garlic aioli, piparra relish

Pintxo del Dia

Ask your server for details about our rotating pintxo special of the day

Cold Tapas / Cold Small Plates

Cold plate tapas, made with care by our experienced and friendly staff.

Marcona Almonds

Seasoned marcona almonds


Mixed Spanish olives, orange zest, piparra pepper

Pintxo Gildas

3 skewers of anchovy, Manzanilla olive and piaparra peppers

Champiñones en Escabeche

Pickled wild mushrooms, leek mayonnaise, cristal bread, cured egg yolk

Pan Con Berenjena

Toasted Spanish cristal bread, eggplant puree, olive oil. Optional add Boquerones, sliced Manchego, or sliced Serrano ham.

Conserva de la Semana

Ask your server for details about our rotating conserva special of the week

Meat & Cheese A La Carte

A selection of our customers’ favorite meats & cheeses.

Valdeón Blue

Smoky, spicy, hints of earth, tobacco and leather; from Leòn.


Smoked pimenton and garlic.


Buttery sheeps milk cheese from La Mancha.


Black pepper and garlic.

Caña de Oveja

Buttery, tangy soft-ripened sheeps milk cheese from Murcia.


Nutmeg, oregano and garlic.

San Simón da Costa

Smoked cow’s milk cheese from Galicia.

Veal and Sweetbread Paté

Head Cheese

Jamon Bar

We hand slice our Jamon Iberico at the bar, to order.

Chef’s Selection Board

3 meats, 3 cheese, smoked onion jam, marcona almonds, quince paste.

Jamon Iberico de Bellota


Jamon Serrano


Bread Service

Toasted sourdough, olive oil, sherry vinegar, garlic confit.


In Spain canned seafood is a gourmet delicacy to be shared and enjoyed by all. They take great pride in creating the most exquisite tasting seafood on the planet and canning them at perfection! A true Spanish gourmet tradition.

Pulpo in Galician Sauce by Conservas de Cambados

Tender octopus prepared in a traditional Galician sauce of olive oil flavored with Spanish paprika, onion, and salt. Conservas de Cambados brand.

White Tuna in Olive Oil by Conservas de Cambados

Incredibly tender belly fillets of the Bonito del Norte tuna packed by hand in Spanish olive oil to preserve it at its best. Conservas de Cambados brand.

Ortiz Ventresca Tuna Belly in Olive Oil

Fine fillets of white tuna belly preserved in fine Spanish Olive Oil. Ortiz brand.

Mussels in Escabeche Brine by Ramon Pena

Large mussels in a rich sauce of olive oil, vinegar, paprika, spices, and salt. Ramon Pena brand.

Sardines in Escabeche by Jose Andres

Sardines in a brine of olive oil, vinegar, onion, spices and salt. Jose Andres brand.


Vermut Poached Pear

Red vermouth poached pear, rice pudding, rice crispy crumble.

Basque Cheesecake

Traditional Basque style cheesecake, apple-quince butter, candied pecans.

Guajillo-Chocolate Cake

Guajillo chile infused chocolate cake, chocolate mousse, caramel, almond crumble, candied quicos.

* Parties of more than six are subject to a 20% gratuity.

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